enTourage eDGe Dualbook Reviewed: Half eReader, Half Netbook Not Quite There Yet

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The innovative, if slightly bonkers, enTourage eDGe has been reviewed by Laptop, and as I suspected they had a few issues with the design. They found the half ereader, half netbook too heavy, with the number of options overwhelming.

Part of the lure to a dualbook like the eDGe is that it's got so many features—but it sounds like enTourage has been too generous here, with Laptop pointing out that "it's overkill for consumers mainly interested in surfing the Web, or simply reading eBooks."


There are only 200,000 titles in enTourage's ebook store, with only around half of them being best-sellers. It does have access to over 1 million of the Google Books, but there are no newspapers or magazines available just yet either.

Ultimately, Laptop seemed pleased with the dualbook, awarding it three out of five stars, but slight issues with the resistive touchscreen, fast-draining battery, and limited app store options made them conclude it's probably best to wait until the next version—or at least until enTourage has a more polished offering. [Laptop]

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Hearthatvoiceagain hates the new layout

so, apparently too many features is a bad thing???? I agree that for the average non-techie it may appear that too many options is a bad thing, until the day comes when you want to do something beyond the basics. I know that tech innovations have made things easier (you no longer need to understand Dos or Unix to use a computer for instance) buy they are in danger of going too far and seriously limiting our ability to do things.