enTourage eDGe On Sale Next Month, "Comfortable Reading Experience" Will Win Over iPad Fans

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The half ereader/half netbook from enTourage eDGe was one of the best gadgets CES threw up in my opinion. While the sale date has been pushed back by a month to March, some more details have been drip-fed to us.


In an interview with e-reader-info, enTourage's President and CEO Asghar Mostafa detailed when the two different displays could be used together:

* Drag the stylus across grayscale images on the E-Ink screen to view them in color on the LCD screen
* Attach Web pages, notes and video on the WiFi-enabled LCD screen to passages in an e-book
* Export PDF notes or revised documents (such as contracts that are marked up on the E-Ink side) so that they can be emailed to colleagues
* Open hyperlinks or view video embedded in an e-textbook on the netbook side

Tackling the omnipresent iPad issue, Mostafa fingered the larger e-ink screen that "offers a comfortable reading experience," and because of the LCD screen it makes it "simple to mark-up documents and books with the stylus to save notes or export to colleagues."

At $490 though, it'll be going head on with the iPad, so enTourage has got a tough ride convincing people to go for a chunky, clunky, plastic device rather than a sleek iPad. During my hands-on at CES I felt it was the build quality which was the only downside to it, but there's enough features and capabilities tucked within that it should do well. I want it to do welI, anyway—I fell in love with it last month and have the slightly zany device's best interests at heart. [e-reader-info]

UPDATE: According to enTourage, pre-orders started shipping last week, with new orders shipping in March. The price has also been increased slightly to $499, and includes Documents to Go.


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

As cool as it looks, it seems like consumers are hesitant to buy products from companies they are unfamiliar with (i.e enTourage). Going head to head with Apple might be tough for them because people know Apple. It does help that this thing is the same price but offers way more but the brand recognition is a big deal for sales. Also, this company likely doesn't have the money to have a large ad campaign for its product.