Epson Moviemate 33 All-In-One Projector and Screen.

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No, the screen isn't built in, you dolt. The only things crammed into this box is the 480p res projector, a JVC DVD player, and tiny, impotent 10-watt stereo speakers. We like cubes of convenience, and this one ships with an 80-inch screen that the Moviemate can fill up from a little more than 6 feet away, in either 16:9 or 4:3 ratios. Even from strange angles, thanks to the set's vertical and horizontal lens shift. This update to the Moviemate line adds a VGA input and cables for component video in. Jump to see a side view and to read more...

The 3LCD projector puts out 1,200 lumens, and uses a triple LCD setup to control the picture. No word on contrast ratio, but for $1200 dollars with screen, you can bet it won't be high end.


Comes with an illuminated remote. Strange: Look at the power plug input on the front of the projector.
There are models with the signature of 30 and 32 that don't come with the screen.


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