ER Doc Paged For Spielberg's Newest Alien Invasion

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Fresh from his seventy-year stint as er's Doctor Carter, Noah Wyle is apparently being wooed to star in a new sci-fi television show masterminded by Steven Spielberg. But will the director's latest aliens be ET cute or Close Encounters freaky?

While the spokesman for TNT - the network behind the show - is keeping quiet about Wyle's involvement, the new as-yet-unnamed drama sounds promising, if familiar: Taking place six months after aliens have invaded Earth and pretty much decimated the human race, the pilot introduces a "ragtag team" (of course) of humans fighting a guerrilla war against the unfriendly ETs. Yes, it's Battlestar Galactica meets Terminator Salvation meets War of The Worlds (with just a hint of Marc Guggenheim's Resurrection comic, for my money), but that doesn't mean that we're not excited about what sounds like the possibility of a grittier take on V. We just hope that Wyle's willing to bring more to the screen than his The Librarian TV movies.

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