Ericsson's Tower Tube Give Cell Towers a Touch of Scandanavian Design

Cell towers are ugly. They either look like, well, big ugly antennaes, or they look like big ugly anetnnaes poorly disguised as gigantic metal trees. Whereever they're set to go up, property values drop and local communities get in an uproar. But everybody likes having five bars of service, so what can you do? Well, for starters you could design a cell tower that doesn't look like a hulking eyesore on the skyline. That's just what Ericsson went and did with their Tower Tube designs. While not exactly blending in with their surroundings, they at least look like someone designed them with aesthetics in mind, knowing that they'd change the surrounding landscape. Who knows if you'll actually get a cell tower that looks like it was bought at Ikea in your town, but it seems like it'd be a step up from what we get now, no? [Ericsson via Core77]


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