Eureka Contest Update

If you recall we have a contest running with a video iPod up for grabs. This contest is sponsored by SCI FI and their new original series, Eureka. Still interested? You better be. Here is what you have to do to win the 60 GB video iPod.

You need to create and design an original invention and include some kind of a sketch or mock-up with a full explanation of what the gadget does. Hit up the link here to get an idea of what the citizens of Eureka have been brewing up. Once you have the entire mock-up and description done, shoot it over to with MADE IN EUREKA in the subject line. The usual Gawker Contest Rules apply.


Remember, the contest ends next Tuesday, July 18, which also happens to be the day Eureka premiers on the SCI FI channel. Get the full scoop on the contest here. I couldn't help but giggle at David R.'s entry. Keep up the good work, folks.

Eureka Invention Contest, Win a video iPod [Gizmodo]

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