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Contest time again! Who's excited? Yes you are, yes you are! Eureka is a show premiering on the Sci-Fi channel next Tuesday, July 18. I'll let them explain the show.

Nestled in the Pacific Northwest, Eureka is a seemingly ordinary town whose residents lead ordinary lives ... at least to the naked eye. Shrouded in secrecy, the picturesque hamlet is actually a community of scientific geniuses assembled by the government to conduct top-secret research.


So here is the deal. You are going to go head to head with the citizens of Eureka by creating an invention that will revolutionize the world. Here is what is up for grabs: a brand spankin' new 60GB iPod video courtesy of the Eureka folks. You need to create and design an original invention and include some kind of a sketch or mock-up with a full explanation of what the gadget does. Hit up the link here to get an idea of what the citizens of Eureka have been brewing up. Once you have the entire mock-up and description done, shoot it over to with MADE IN EUREKA in the subject line. Contest ends next Tuesday, July 18, so get brainstorming! The usual Gawker Contest Rules apply.

The fun doesn't end there. Sci-Fi is also having a similar contest with a Sony HDTV and Blu-Ray player up for grabs. So head over here to enter the Sci-Fi Eureka contest and tune in to Eureka next Tuesday on Sci-Fi.