Apple Insider's lede is a bit daft: "A recent series of design filings made by Apple Computer suggests the company may have intentions of abandoning its Click-Wheel interface in future versions of its iPod digital music players." Taken collectively, the interface designs are clearly a work of inscrutable Apple skullduggery, slapping up iPods with control surfaces stolen from a variety of media players, including those from Toshiba and Creative. It's some some of intellectual property beachhead I'm too ignorant to fully understand (but not to recognize).

The only real bit of news is that Apple might be considering using the iPod nano chassis for the iPhone. Makes sense—plenty will purchase the iPhone on the merit of the iPod brand alone, but it won't hurt to appeal to those looking for something smaller than the RAZR, currently The People's Phone.


Apple filings reveal potential iPod redesigns [Apple Insider]

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