EV-o RR Electric Motorcycle Can Kick Your Gas Guzzler's Butt

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In preparation for the zero-emissions grand prix, Evo Design Solutions has this fearsome electric superbike, fast enough and tough enough to challenge the old-school gas models.

Evo Design Solutions used a couple design tricks to allow room for the bike's large battery, including a monocoque that encloses the drivetrain, which negates the need for a frame. Bikes in this category easily break the 4-second mark in a 0-60mph, so these aren't electric toys. As for this particular model, it'll be sold for less than 20,000 pounds (about $28,000 USD), and there are no immediate plans for mass production, though that may change if it's a big hit. Mostly, we're just impressed with how pretty it is. Just look at it! [Wired]