Evans Talks Captain America. Plus A Splice Featurette, Jonah Hex Footage, And Doctor Who Clues!

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Find out how Chris Evans sees Captain America, and how the creators see sexy/scary gene-splicing epic Splice. Plus find out what Ouija, Adjustment Bureau and Jonah Hex are all about. Also: Doctor Who, Ashes To Ashes, Smallville and Caprica spoilers.


Captain America:

Chris Evans says he struggled with the decision to take on this iconic part because of the pressure, but his admiration for Steve Rogers won out:

It was a challenging process for me, trying to decide whether or not to do it. I came down on the side of going for it because I really think Marvel is doing some great things these days, the script is great and it's going to be a fun character to play. He's a wonderful character, just as a man, aside from the comic hero background. If it was just a story about the man, Steve Rogers, I'd be really interested. He's an incredibly noble, honest, selfless man, and those are qualities that I think people can aspire to and look up to.

[Screen Star]


I don't think we've shown you this featurette about Vincenzo Natali's gene-splicing horror movie yet.

Jonah Hex:

Here's a whopping 10 seconds of footage from this supernatural Western. So far, so good. The whole trailer should be out soonish, and we'll no doubt post it when it's out. [ShockTillYouDrop]


Yes, this supernatural board-game movie is still in the works. Producer Brad Fuller says:

Ouija isn't really a horror movie per se, it's definitely more of a big action-adventure movie... And that script…I've read a couple pages of it, it seems good. I think we're getting the full script in the next month. And that's a very exciting project for it, cause it's a much bigger movie, and it gives us an opportunity to try something we haven't done before…There are definitely horror elements, because it's about Ouija and what happens from an Ouija board, but it's a much bigger film. I would call it an action-adventure with horror elements.

[Bloody Disgusting]

Sherlock Holmes 2:

Apparently this sequel will probably be in 3-D, like almost every other upcoming film. [L.A. Times]


The Adjustment Bureau:

This Philip K. Dick adaptation, starring Emily Blunt and Matt Damon, comes out July 30. Blunt talks about learning to play a ballet dancer (she had a teacher named Swan), and Damon's extensive research to play a charismatic politician. They're star-crossed lovers who fall in love at first sight, but then mysterious forces keep pulling them apart, as if they're being manipulated somehow. Blunt says there aren't a lot of acrobatic stunts in this movie, and it's more grounded:

I think a lot of people these days have this sense of "Are we being watched? Who is manipulating us? How much control do we have over our lives anymore?" And I think it's an interesting approach that [director] George [Nolfi] took, to do it in a more realistic, grounded way.



Survival Of The Dead:

Fangoria has this exclusive clip from George Romero's umpteenth zombie movie. [Fangoria]
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Doctor Who:

Digital Spy has another ten teasers for "Flesh And Stone." Among other things, we'll finally learn what the crack is, and what it wants. (Insert your own joke about what the crack wants.) We learn an important date at the end of the episode. River has done something very, very bad indeed. The Byzantium contains an actual forest. And Amy does something to the Doctor that prompts "an epiphany and a collection." More at the link. [Digital Spy]


Here are some promo photos for episode five, "Flesh And Stone". [Den Of Geek]

The new Doctor Who Magazine cover has a cute "Vampires In Venice" image. [BlogtorWho]

Illustration for article titled Evans Talks Captain America. Plus A Splice Featurette, Jonah Hex Footage, And Doctor Who Clues!

The show's eighth episode will be callled "The Hungry Earth." [Gallifrey Newsbase]


The Doctor Who Confidential episode included some behind the scenes stuff on the making of the new Adventure Games. [BlogtorWho]


TV Guide Magazine has a bunch of cast interviews, and among other things John Noble promises we'll get tons of answers. Most of the show's major questions will get some answers by the end of the season — and the final two-parter will feature some shocking reveals. Leonard Nimoy says we'll get the Walter-William confrontation we've been waiting for. [Fringe Television]



Scott Porter talks up what's coming next:

We start to see the terrorist cells start to flex their muscles. They will now give a clear vision on what they want to be. They start forming away to get everyone to subscribe to the one god line of thinking. With the Graystones, finding Zoe and trying to retrieve her back, everything comes to end towards the end of the first season and set up nicely for the war to actually start.



Ashes To Ashes:

Here are some promo photos for season three, episode five. [Den Of Geek]


Can this show continue the sudden trend towards awesomeness as shown in its last episode? Let's hope so! Here are some promo pics for episode 20, "Negotiation." [SpoilerTV]



Here's a sneak peek from episode 9x20, "Sacrifice".

Here are some promo pics from episode 9x21, "Hostage." [OSCK]

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I don't watch Doctor Who, but it seems to me River Song has two options: she's the Doctor after a regeneration, & after he/she has killed someone & can't be "The Doctor" any more. Two, his mom.