EVDO/LTE Hybrid Device Approved By FCC

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Think the EVDO network is too slow? Relief could be in sight. The FCC recently approved the LG M13 which, according to the filing, is a "cellular/PCS CDMA/EVDO and 700MHz LTE Device".

All those acronyms point to a handset or modem capable of working on the current generation of 3G CDMA networks (Sprint and Verizon) as well as the upcoming 4G LTE networks that are set to be deployed in test markets by the end the year. While this isn't the first FCC approved LTE capable device, it does mark the beginning of hybrid CDMA-LTE handsets or modems that will start to make their way into our pockets during the transition period between CDMA being phased out and LTE installed in its place. In the near future, CDMA handsets (including new iterations of the Pre) should come with the hybrid technology allowing users to Facebook and Twitter at the speed of LTE. [FCC Filing via engadget]