Hot Toy’s oddly adorable line of “Artist Mix” vinyl toys is back, and although there’s lots of cool looking stuff to be seen, let’s be real: The best of the bunch is the wonderful little vinyl Vision.

Eschewing the company’s usual brand of jaw-droppingly lifelike (and ridiculously articulated) for a chunky Vinyl style, Hot Toy’s collaboration with Japanese vinyl artist Touma on their Age of Ultron line continues, and although there’s even more Iron Man toys in Wave 2 — I genuinely wonder at what point Hot Toys just become “Hot Iron Man Toys” — There’s still Thor, both a normal and exclusive “rampaging” Hulk, and of course, the Vision.

There’s something about him that works so well in this aesthetic, but I can’t quite pin it. Maybe the eyes? The relatively blank expression? Either way, it makes for a lovely toy. Another one to add to the list!

The 13cm tall figures (Hulk stands just a hair taller at 14.5cm) will be out later this year. They’ll set you back $40 apiece, but if you want the Grey Hulk, he only comes in a deluxe set of the entire wave, you best get girding your wallet if you want some!

[Hot Toys]

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