Even at 4-inches, The Qisda QCM-330 Dwarfs the iPad's Resolution

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You hear the 9.7-inch iPad has a screen resolution of 1024x768, and you think to yourself, that's not so bad! And it's not. But when you later hear that a new 4-inch smartphone will feature a resolution of 1280x1024, well...

...it's just tough to be floored by anything less.

(Those of you noting the discrepancy between the spec resolution and the general wideness of the screen: you're right to do so.)


The Qisda (you also know them as BenQ) QCM-330, expected to debut at the upcoming CeBIT tradeshow this March before being available through Vodafone, features a 4-inch, 1280x1024 screen that could be sharper than life itself, along with HSDPA and Wi-Fi. When compared to the Droid (480 x 854) and the HD2 (480 X 800), it's pretty amazing. But yes, again, that 1280x1024 is square, and this phone is long, so it's kind of confusing.

We don't know much else, other than that it will most likely run Android given the Home key (which makes the prospect of importing a phone for its hardware alone so much more appealing). But if you're one of those people who doesn't like to use the same phone as other people, the QCM-330 might be a decent handset to watch. [Unwired View via SlashGear]

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At what point does the resolution of a 4" display become less of a feature and more of a marketing number?