The a-JAYS earbuds don't look like much. But that's the point. Much like the gorgeously designed Chrome notebook, these buds stand out because they're so naked. Flattened. Black. Simple. Beautiful.


The a-JAYS series is designed specifically for iOS devices—check out how the L-shaped plug aligns perfectly with the starkly top flat of an iPhone 4. The cables themselves are completely flat—which means fewer tangles in addition to an appearance unlike your typical headphones. Form following function! And aside from sound, the only thing I could ask of my headphones is that they don't collapse into a tangled piled of hell after a few days of use.

I love the thought put into the remote, as well—three well-sized, understated buttons. Two convex, one concave. Easy to finger without using your eyes.

If they're anything like their standard earbuds, they'll probably sound pretty good too—but so do a lot of hideous audio products. We'll always take the union of of design and performance over a sloppy attempt at the latter alone. [Jays]


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