Even Stan Lee Has a Hot Toys Action Figure Now

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This is the point we’ve reached now. Hot Toys has made so many eerily accurate replices of Marvel’s movie superheroes, they’re now turning to a man who played a role in some of their creation stories for toy inspiration. Yes, now even Stan Lee is getting immortalized in plastic. Excelsior!

Funnily enough this isn’t Lee’s first 1:6 scale action figure—Das Toyz teased a quite frankly horrifying one earlier this year—but Hot Toys’ take on the legendary comics scribe is already miles ahead of the competition. You know, the incredibly heated competition in the world of 1:6 scale Comic writer toys.


Hot Toys’ Stan features the writer in a casual jacket, button up shirt and chinos combo, and comes with a few accessories to give the figure a bit of personality beyond “hey, it’s an old man—wait, it’s actually Stan Lee!” Stan comes with a director’s chair, printed with Lee’s own signature (who’s willing to bet he actually owns a chair like that?), a pen and watch, as well as not one, but two different pairs of the writer’s trademark glasses. On top of that, he has 7 pairs of interchangeable hands to pose him either with his accessories, doing some finger-guns, or even the Spider-Man “thwip!” webshooter pose.


We really are reaching a tipping point for superhero toy insanity here—although the idea of being able to surround Toy-Lee with figures of some of the characters he helped bring to life all those decades ago is pretty neat, I’m honestly hoping this is the start of a Hot Toys spinoff that exclusively makes Comics industry veterans in 1:6 scale. Steve Ditko action figure, anyone?


True Believers will be able to pick up Stan Lee for the price of $200 at Sideshow Collectibles, when he releases in the middle of next year.

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