Even the DaVinci of Latte Art Can't Compete With This Coffee Printer

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A fancy design in the foam atop your latte can make your morning cup of coffee even more of a pick me up. But even the world's most artistically-inclined baristas can't compete with this coffee machine that prints photos, submitted by the customer, directly on their latte.

Engineered by a Taiwanese convenience store as a way to really personalize its customers' drinks—and as a clever marketing stunt to lure people away from Starbucks—the coffee printer actually kind of cheats. Most baristas will create an image on a latte by swirling and manipulating the milk foam, but this machine instead dusts the latte with an edible powder—cocoa or coffee grinds presumably—using a computer-controlled print head that results in surprisingly high quality images.

So latte art purists will probably scoff at its technique, but regular coffee fans might want to find a way to frame these on their walls.