Even You Can Park Your Car in Miami's $65 Million Parking Garage

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The top floor, offering stunning city and ocean views, hosts weddings and yoga classes. Above that is the owner's private penthouse apartment. The floors below showcase Rolls Royces, Ferraris and Bentleys. Welcome to Miami's new $65 million public parking garage.


The garage, a joint effort by a local developer and world-renowned architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron, helps alleviate South Beach's chronic parking problem. But not without a (large) dash of the city's somewhat characteristic extravagance.

What they produced, in early 2010, was all those things: a garage with floor heights of up to 34 feet, three times the norm; a striking internal staircase, with artwork embedded in its base; precarious looking (and feeling) ledges that rely on industrial-strength cable to hold back cars and people; and a glass cube that houses a designer clothing store, perhaps the first in the middle of a parking garage.

In a final flourish, the architects created a soaring top floor that doubles as an event space, with removable parking barriers. It can be rented for about $12,000 to $15,000 a night.

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Parking in the lot usually costs $4 an hour, as opposed to about a dollar an hour for municipal lots, but for many, especially the owners of luxury cars, it's worth it. Douglas Sharon, a financial adviser, parks his gray Ferrari in the garage several times a week. "I wouldn't even think of parking anywhere else when I'm downtown," he told the New York Times. You know what they say—your car's only as nice as the garage you park it in. Oh, they don't say that? Then they should. [NYT]

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You just HAD to do it didn't you... You picked the coldest motherfracking day of the winter in Quebec, -43 C (even colder in stupid American numbers, -45.4 F), to talk to me about Miami huh...

There should be a law against this.