Evernote's New Apps Will Help Make Your Over-Documenting Friends Even More Annoying

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Hey look, I like the advanced notetaking tools we're afforded on our computers, smartphones and tablets as much as anyone. But there's a point at which your documentation of life just gets in the way of you actually living life. Case in point: Evernote's two new apps, Food and Hello.

Oh great, more tools for oversharing! Evernote food will allow you to "relive" your favorite meals, log the location and notes about the food. But while we're feverishly jotting down notes on that pork bun you just scarfed down in an attempt to make a moment of it, did we even take the time to even enjoy that food?

And then there's Hello, which is a glorified address book. People can add a name, photo, contact info, and then log everytime you run into someone. Why people would want to do this, I don't know.


But if you're one for keeping a digital scrapbook of all your life's minutae, ignore everything I just said and download the apps here and here. [Evernote]

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Many people thought Evernote's "Peek" iPad app was stupid, but upon using it enjoyed it. Evernote is all about memory, so these apps make sense to expand their brand and get people into the idea of keeping track of your life.

Sure you may not want to document your meals or keep track of when you last met someone, but many people do, and many people will find these apps to be quite useful. Working at a startup I meet people all the time and it is tough to remember every face and connect it to names or events. The People app is actually not a bad idea for people who network a lot.