Every Guest Can Be Their Own Grillmaster With this Tabletop BBQ

The general rule of thumb is that whoever's throwing the barbecue gets to be the grillmaster—but that's not always a coveted title. Picky eaters and those who prefer their steaks burnt to a crisp take the fun out of it, so the folks at Unikia have created a communal tabletop grill that makes everyone responsible for grilling their own food.


Made from powder-coated carbon steel, the Well Done Social Grill is designed to direct the heat upwards toward your food, not down onto the table where it sits. So its creators promise you can even safely use it on a white tablecloth—a bold claim. At $160 it's a little more expensive than your basic Weber grill, but with all your guests cooking their own food, it should ensure you actually end up enjoying your own BBQ too. [Unikia]

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