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Every Phone Should Have This Windows Phone 8 Childproofing Feature

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Kids these days just can't keep their grubby hands off smartphones and tablets. Once they see the big shiny screen, it's over. Boogers wiped on your home button, drool trail on the display—it ain't pretty. But what's worse is if they accidentally tap into your phone's personal information: private pictures, salacious text messages, big giant curse words and other awful adult things you do during your alone time. That's why every phone should have this upcoming feature in Windows Phone 8: Kid's Corner.

The guys at Verge spotted the parental control feature that should be coming to all Windows Phone 8 devices and it's incredibly useful for anyone who has/knows/hangs out with a child. When activated, Kid's Corner is an entirely different Start screen tailor made for kids. You get to establish a custom Start screen that has just the stuff you want your kids to play with: appropriate games, apps, videos, music, etc, and none of the personal stuff: dialer, texts, pictures, etc. It's an easy way to keep your adult stuff safe and keep a kid, a kid. Microsoft's Kid's Corner is so smart that it needs to exist for everything already. [Verge]