Every Title in the Calvin and Hobbes Kindle Library Is $2 Right Now

Illustration for article titled Every Title in the iCalvin and Hobbes/i Kindle Library Is $2 Right Now

The world is full of shitty things. Bill Watterson's clever, poignant comic series Calvin and Hobbes is not one of them. And now, compendiums of the illustrated saga of a boy and his sage toy tiger available on Amazon are currently $2 for Kindle editions.


The prices usually range from $13 to $19, so that's a big discount.

Unfortunately, the collections are incomplete, so you won't be able to become a full Kindle completist on a budget. And there are a ton of additional Calvin and Hobbes titles available in print on Amazon, but they're not discounted. Still, this is a great way to introduce someone to the comic, or reacquaint yourself with some old favorites.

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Sorry, I gotta be that guy that says "I own all of them in real, physical copies." Most of them hardcover. I also have the very last strip I cut out from the Chicago Tribune framed at my parents' house.