Everybody in This Plane Crash Survived

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This vintage World War II B-17 bomber crashed this morning causing explosions with fireballs shooting 50 feet in the air. Amazingly, all seven people on board survived the crash without serious injury. The pictures from WGN-TV are absolutely stunning.

Drew Mundsinger, a man who lived near the crash site, echoed everyone's thoughts, saying, "when we first came here, it looked like nothing could survive that". I mean, seriously, there were 50 foot flames and it was ripped in freaking half. I think it's generally understood that things torn in half don't usually survive.


The plane, originally manufactured in 1944, was Indianapolis-bound to give rides to the public but caught fire while in the air. The pilot somehow set the plane down between trees and towers and everyone on board escaped the plane just before the explosion. So, so amazing. [Chicago Breaking News via BoingBoing, Photo Credit: WGN-TV (via Chicago Breaking News)]