Everybody's Freaking Out In Falling Skies Season 4!

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Remember Falling Skies? It's coming back, in a couple months. And this time around, the Second Mass is even more bedraggled than ever, judging from this promo. Also, Tom and Anne's half-alien daughter is apparently already fully grown, and still creepy.

I miss the old Falling Skies, when it was just about a rag-tag fighting force dealing with alien invasion while trying to save their kids from a slave harness that turned them into super-mutants. There's probably no way to get that Falling Skies back, but at least this looks like it'll be entertaining, and I'm glad Anne Glass is getting to be badass again. The show has a whole new writing staff, including at least one Jericho veteran. So fingers crossed!

Falling Skies is back on June 22.