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Everything Is Organized In This Architect's Lego Basement

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

On the surface, owning 250,000 Lego pieces sounds awesome. But then you start to think about it: the late-night encounters with carpets in the brick; trying to find that one particular head; trying to explain things to your insurance broker. Clearly, you’re going to need one hell of a storage system.

That’s exactly what’s been installed in the basement of Jeffrey Pelletier, a Seattle architect, and owner of a quarter million Lego bricks. Houzz was lucky to get a tour of his ridiculously well-organized Lego labyrinth, a room under his house filled with Ikea drawers.

The attention to detail is stupendous: not just a drawer full of Lego heads, but a drawer full of heads all attached together, to make the finding easier. Individual storage bins for regular red bricks, and skinny red bricks. Probably some red squares in there as well.


Best of all, the Lego room is also a media room, with a roll-down projector screen to hide the bricks when your grown-up friends come over. The full tour is worth a watch, although you may be overcome with a deep-seated desire to go cry (and then frantically organize your kitchen) afterwards. [Houzz]