Everything Shown at WWDC, The DRM-Free PS4, Flat-tastic iOS 7 and More

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There are big weeks, and then there are huge weeks. This week was both, times two. WWDC brought us a new OS X, a new iOS, and a new Mac Pro, and E3 brought us all the details on the next generation of gaming. Between the two, we've got a lot to cover, but you'll find all the important highlights right here.


iOS 7: Instead of Flatness, We Got Depth

Today, after plenty of self-deprecating jokes about virtual cows, Apple unveiled a sweeping overhaul of the mobile software by Jony Ive. After months of speculation and weeks of rumor-mongering, we finally have our answer: the future of iOS is, actually, is rife with dimensionality and texture. Which is a good thing.

WWDC 2013 Roundup: All the New Toys Apple Announced Today

Today's keynote marked day one of Apple's giant developer love fest, and while we pretty much knew what was coming, Tim Cook and co. still managed to toss a few surprises at their legion of loyal followers. So in case you didn't happen to spend the afternoon glued to your screen, these are the best and brightest developments to come out of today's onslaught of all things Apple.

Sony PS4: Everything You Need to Know

After two long hours of tease this past February, followed by a few fleeting glimpses in May, Sony's finally ready to show us what its next-generation PlayStation console actually, you know, looks like. And it's... well, it's a rhombus. A familiar-looking one.


The Brilliant Insanity Behind the New Mac Pro's Design

The last we heard of the Power Mac G4 Cube—a computer everyone loved, but no one could quite figure out—was in a press release from 2001. Twelve years later, we've finally met its beautiful, brilliant, and not altogether sane successor.


PlayStation 4 Vs. Xbox One: A Feature by Feature Showdown

Well, it's finally time to have this discussion. What should you buy, the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One. It helps that we've finally got some facts to work with in the new console war, instead of just chasing rumors and misinformation. So here's the definitive look at how the two new consoles stack up against each other, and more importantly, what those comparisons actually mean.


19 Amazing Time Capsules Still Underground (And What's Inside Them)

I love time capsules. But more often than not, they're extremely boring. Most American time capsules from the 19th and 20th centuries contain a Bible, some stamps, a few coins and plenty of newspapers. Some throw in an American flag for good measure. But every once in a while there's something fascinating inside — something that makes you feel like you're not wasting everybody's time going through the pageantry of unearthing these incredibly low-tech time machines.


Why I'm Getting the Xbox One, Not the PS4 (Ugh)

If you're anything like me, your penchant for gaming has probably dwindled over the years. And, as I stand on the precipice of unloading an ungodly amount of money on either Microsoft or Sony's next generation console, I ask myself if I should upgrade to either, or just opt for a media streaming box? The answer: I'm getting an Xbox One. Here's why.


3DTV Is Officially Never Going to Happen

That was it. That was 3DTV's best chance. ESPN just decided todiscontinue its push for 3DTV sporting events, deciding its time would be better spent focusing on traditional high resolution broadcasts and Tim Tebow daguerreotypes. And that, in a nutshell, effectively kills 3DTV's chances of ever going mainstream.


Science Discovered a New Human Body Part

A funny thing happened in the field of anatomy during the first half of this year. Researchers found a previously unknown human body part. It's inside the eyeball, and it's very small. At 15 microns thick, the newly discovered layer of material is so small that even calling it a new body part feels inappropriate.…


Xbox Live Gold Is Still One of the Biggest Ripoffs in Tech

A lot of mud has been slung Microsoft's way this week, much of it deserved. Used game restrictions, mandatory internet check-ins; these new impositions don't sit well. But they also distract from the single worst thing about the Xbox One, which was also the single worst thing about Xbox 360: The tyranny of Xbox Live Gold subscriptions.