Everything You Always Wanted To Know About The Making Of Blake's 7

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The British space opera TV series Blake's 7 has never gotten the props it deserves, in part due to dodgy special effects. But the show's influence on genre television and storytelling in general cannot be understimated. And now, you can watch a massive documentary on its genesis.

Kevin Jon Davies created a four-part documentary on the making of Blake's 7 for the DVDs, which came out in the U.K. a dozen years ago. (And have never been released in the United States, to our endless outrage.) But for some reason, the documentaries (one for each season) were left off the DVDs. Now you can see them for the first time on Youtube.

Above is the featurette about season one, and below are the ones for seasons two and three. The season four documentary isn't up yet — but keep checking Davies' Youtube page for it to be addedkeep checking Davies' Youtube page for it to be added.

[via Cinetropolis]