Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Transformers

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With Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen hitting screens tomorrow - unless you live in the U.K. or Japan, in which case we're jealous - it's time to brush up on your basic Cybertronian history with our easy refresher course.

Wonder what the Transformers origin has to do with G.I. Joe and the tallest, most hated man in comics? Whether or not Transformers are actually alive, and just why they have gender characteristics? Or maybe you just have trouble knowing your Beast Machines from your Robots In Disguise... We cover it all in this short Backgrounder, to make sure that you'll know everything you need to - and more - when watching Michael Bay's latest example of cybernetic bayhem:

Transformer Origins
They didn't really come from Cybertron, you know. Learn about the cross-continent (and cross-corporation) origins of the robots in disguise.


Know Your Transformer Generations
Being around for 25 years requires plenty of reinvention. Here's your guide to knowing which Transformer incarnation was the one you grew up with.


Those Transformer Questions You Were Afraid To Ask
How did Cybertron get built, anyway? Why did the Transformers come to Earth? And why does Spike Whitwicky have such a foul mouth? We give you the basics.