When it comes to outfitting your college dorm room there are obvious amenities you'll need to bring with you. Like a computer, a TV, multiple gaming consoles, and at least a couple of changes of clothes.

But we've come up with a few other must-have items you may not have considered that will ensure your school year goes as smoothly as possible. So here's everything you'll need to outfit a kick-ass dorm room, not including the monthly allowance from your parents or scholarships needed to pay for everything on this list.


Sumo Omni Bean Bag Chair

The typical college dorm room is designed to be practical, but not necessarily comfortable. So it's up to you to turn it into the perfect place to crash and study every night. Instead of a stuffy office chair you'll want to opt for the classic bean bag.


They're versatile enough to serve as a comfortable place to read, to use a laptop, and to sleep. And Sumo has even managed to make its bead-filled chairs look somewhat stylsh. Best of all, the tear proof, easy-to-clean fabric will easily survive even the most memorable of frosh week parties. $149

Quirky Crates Modular Storage System

Like it or not, most dorms do not come with a cleaning staff. For eight months out of the year it's up to you to look after yourself, and Quirky's new modular shelving system is a great place to store all your crap.


It's not unlike a set of over-sized building blocks that can be assembled into shelving or storage space fitting your specific needs. And with various accessories like drawers and mountable hooks, there's even the potential to become immaculately organized while you're away from home. Just make sure your parents never find out or your lazy summers spent in your pigsty back home are over. Starts at $20

Haier Table Top Mini Washing Machine

Speaking of staying clean and organized—physics, economics, and literature aren't the only things you'll be learning at college. You'll quickly learn about the joys of doing laundry, and why having ensuite facilities is a luxury you may never want to live without.


So Haier's ultra-compact table top washing machine is a must-have for your dorm room, believe it or not. It allows you to wash a couple of shirts or a pair of jeans whenever you feel like it. No having to hunt down quarters, or wait in line at a crowded laundry room. You don't even have to get out of bed to do a load, and if hanging things to dry isn't your thing, a hair dryer will serve as the perfect accessory here. $160

Karton Paperpedic Bed

If your college adventures have you moving particularly far from home, or to a well known college town, you better get used to the idea of friends and family visiting. But why give up your own bed or resort to air mattresses when an extra cardboard bed can be easily folded up and stored in the closet when not needed.


You'll still need to scrounge up a mattress of some sort, but that's what bags of dirty laundry are for, right? And at the end of the school year you can just dump the whole thing in a recycling bin instead of having to precariously strap it to the roof of your parent's minivan for the drive home. $188

Marshall Mini Fridge

The best college dorm room is the one you rarely have to leave. So to avoid trips to the cafeteria that take time away from, let's say, studying, you'll want a mini fridge to keep your room stocked with sustenance.


And you can opt for a mini version of the boring beige, white, or even stainless steel models your parents have at home, or go for this bad ass 4.4 cubic foot fridge from Marshall that looks like a guitar amp and speaker. Not only will you have cold snacks and drinks 24/7, but keeping an electric guitar next to it will make everyone think you're some kind of talented musician. $300

LG R/C Multi-Function Microwave Oven

But students can't live on Doritos and Coke alone, despite news reports you may have heard to the contrary. Believe it or not at some point you'll be craving a hot meal, and LG's new multi-function microwave should be able to handle anything you have a craving for.


Whether it's pizza, popcorn, or a cake, this compact appliance doubles as a microwave and a convection oven so it should be able to cook up anything. It can even steam-clean itself and be remotely controlled from a smartphone. Who needs a meal plan with this at your disposal? $750

Nostalgia Electrics Kegerator

Finally, college is a time for experiencing new things, including sampling some of the finest ales available around the world. But why run up an expensive bar tab, or risk ending up sleeping in a ditch after a long night of appreciating a brewmaster's craft, when you can have a similar experience right in your home away from home.


Just slap a standard sized keg inside Nostalgia Electric's Kegerator and plug it in. After a short while you'll be enjoying ice cold spirits directly from a tap, and no doubt have the opportunity to get to know all of your neighbors on your floor once they discover your kick-ass pad. $550

Image by Rob Wilson/Shutterstock