Evo View Tablet Confuses BET Awards into Most Awkward Moment in Recent Musical History

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Sunday's BET Awards were a lot of fun. Particularly fun? Chris Brown, his ex-girlfriend and former assault victim Rihanna, and Rihanna's current boyfriend Drake all being called onstage as winners at once. The culprit? A confused girl with a tablet.

BET's blaming "human error" (the most maligned of all possible errors) and its teleprompter for the incredibly uncomfortable screwup. But what the hell was the point of having that Evo View there? You can hear someone offscreen say "Look at the screen" as the poor amateur presenter attempts to tap-reveal the award's recipient. She then squints at the teleprompter. Which screen? Was the View (a sponsor of the event) just a prop? What was she tapping at? This entire thing is hard to watch. Just don't feel bad for Drake at all, because he's Drake, and is rich and dating Rihanna. [via NY Mag]