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Exclusive look at William Shakespeare's The Empire Striketh Back

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

What if William Shakespeare wrote Star Wars? It would probably go a little something like this. After the first book's popularity, author Ian Doescher has re-imagined The Empire Strikes Back with a Shakespearian twist. And we've got an exclusive first look at some of your favorite scenes.

Scene 1.

The Ice world of Hoth.


LUKE If flurries be the food of quests, snow on.

Belike upon this Hoth, this barren rock,

My next adventure waits. 'Tis time shall tell.

And yet, is it adventure that I seek?

Shall danger, fear, and action fill my days?

Shall all my life be spent in keen pursuit

Of great adventure and her fickle fame?


Act II, Scene 7

LUKE I need not thine assistance, nay! I need

My lamp, for it shall guide me out of this

Most slimy and disgusting hole of mud!

YODA What slimy, what mud?

Thou speak'st indeed of my home.

[R2-D2 reaches out and grabs the lamp.

Alas, naughty droid!

[R2-D2 and Yoda fight for the lamp.

LUKE O R2, let the creature have it now.

[R2-D2 releases the lamp.

Now move along, good fellow. We have much

To do. Thou art small in both size and help.

Act V, Scene 3


CHORUS O might duel, O action ne'er surpass'd:

The lightsabers do clash and glow like fire.

Darth Vader in the villain's role is cast,

While Luke's younger temper turneth soon to ire.

They flash and fly like dancers in a set,

Yet never dance did now such deadly mood.

Luke tires, and soon his brow begins to sweat,

Whilst Vader doth attack with strength renew'd.


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