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I had a chance to talk to Dwyane Wade, of Miami Heat fame, about his limited edition Sidekick 3 coming out and other info. Jump to learn about why D-Wade designed his Sidekick the way he did, and other goods, including a final decision on the Mac versus PC debate (it is a shocker).


Giz: Thanks for talking to us today. Why did you decide to go with white and gold rather than red to represent the Miami Heat?

D.W.: Yeah, I thought it was pretty easy. Going off the championship round we had last year all white and then with the championship and the gold. I thought it would be a nice look, something different.

Giz: What other factors played into the unique design?

D.W.: I wanted to find a way to put my name and stuff on it and not be too much. I got the gold threes around on the front part and the screen part. I got my name and my silhouette of myself on the back of the screen, but the most important thing to me was probably, if you pick one up and see the back, it is different, it is more like a basketball kind of material.


Giz: Did you decide on the synthetic basketball from the first half of the season, or the real leather basketball?

D.W.: It does kind of look like real leather. It's a little different than the real leather; it's not real leather, per se. It's not synthetic like the basketballs we played with. It's a little different. It just gives comfort. It just gives a different look.


Giz: Do you ever get sick of the basketball texture? Would you prefer something different like maybe ... a tennis-ball, or raquetball grip?

D.W.: Nah. I stick with what I know.

Giz: So what is your preferred method of communication? Text messaging, calling or e-mail?


D.W.: Actually one of my teammates turned me onto the Sidekick. I've been using it every chance I can get, I don't talk on the phone much. You can ask anybody—I'm always e-mailing and instant messaging. It's a huge thing now with younger people. We instant message a lot, it is just new means of communication. We instant message all the time. It is always in my hand. It's always in my Sidekick holder—it is a part of me.

Giz: Would you ever consider making a special edition Dwyane Wade Blackberry to appeal to the business folks?


D.W.: You know what, haven't got there yet. It is a good idea, though.

Giz: Besides the Sidekick, what are some of your other can't-live-without gadgets?


D.W.: Can't live without gadgets? I'm not really a big gadget guy. Besides the Sidekick, the only other thing I travel with ... got to have my laptop, got to have my iPod. Besides that, that's it.

Giz: Our readers need to know: are you a Mac or PC guy?

D.W.: Neither. I'm a Sony guy.

Giz: What kind of plans do you have for future D-Wade-branded consumer electronics?


D.W.: Right now this is the first thing. It is going to be great. I think a lot of people are getting a buzz already about it. A lot of people have been hitting me up: '"Yo, I heard you have an SK3 coming out." A lot of people are excited because, you know, it's a Sidekick. It's a very hip thing to have. A lot of people, of course, are asking for it. I can't wait for it to come out.


So, what did we learn from one Mr. Dwyane Wade? Well, he likes to bling out a phone. He likes his basketball number, three. Unfortunately, he isn't releasing a special edition Blackberry. The man is just like me when it comes to gadgets. All I need is my phone, laptop and iPod to be happy.


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