Experimental Music + Extraterrestrials + Earth Day

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Tomorrow night, April 22, at 7pm I’m giving a guest talk at SETI, famously the acronym for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. It’s free if you’re in the neighborhood, by which I mean Mountain View, California, not our galaxy. April 22 happens to be Earth Day, and what better day than Earth Day to address people who study the universe?


I’ll be the opening act for Ed Frenkel, Berkeley math professor and author of the book Love and Math, whom I’ve gotten to know a little over some recent dinners. I’ll be speaking on my experience in the weekly Disquiet Junto music projects, and on what I’ve learned about networked creativity. After Frenkel and I speak separately, we’ll participate in a discussion with Charles Lindsay, the artist-in-resident at SETI who invited us to speak. SETI holds weekly colloqium with invited speakers. Frenkel and I are talking as part of an occasional series of “artist talks,” beyond the normal scientific scope of the SETI colloqium.

The event will stream live and be archived at plus.google.com.

More on the event at seti.org. You can register to attend at eventbrite.com.

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