EZ Dupe Makes Stealing Portable Again

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We're gonna cut the crap and avoid that whole condescending, elephant in the room post about DVD "backups" and how you need to easily copy home movies for grandma. EZ Dupe is a sexy, fairly tiny dual DVD drive that allows for simple (and probably illegal) 8x copy of your favorite discs. You can plug in the drive via USB to either a PC or Mac for Lightscribe (laser labeling) support, or unplug the drive from a computer entirely for the more portable, back-of-van piracy experience.


But even those with more honest intentions will find the EZ Dupe impressive for its slimline build and CD duplication options including advanced playlist support and mobile playback. It'll run you between $350 and $450, depending on who you're willing to buy from on the internet (but given your intentions with this little machine, you have the morals to judge no one, my friend). [product via bgr]

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Screw morals. I'm making...ahem...backups.