FAA: Fly a Drone Over Big Sports Events and You'll Face Prison

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If you spend your weekends flying drones, be careful you don't stray too close to a ball game: the FAA has issued a warning which warms of large fines or imprisonments if your UAV strays too close to large sports venues .

And honestly, close doesn't even mean that close. The rules point out that it's illegal to fly within 3 miles and under 3,000 feet of stadiums from NCAA Division 1 football, Major League Baseball, the National Football League and, err, even big car races. Air space above these places is designated as "national defense airspace" for one hour before and after events—hence the strict penalties.

This is really an extension of existing rules—but it's the first time the FAA has ever explicitly stated that criminal penalties can result from flying in restricted airspace. So, better stick to watching the game on TV, then. [FAA via Ars Technica]


Image by Bureau of Land Management under Creative Commons license