Facebook Adds Reactions to Comments, Panic Attacks to Me

Screenshot: Facebook
Screenshot: Facebook

Facebook made another bad decision today, adding an unnecessary amount of nuance to your interactions on its social platform. You can now “sad” and “wow” not just posts and messages, but also comments. I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t want this level of comprehensive feedback.


Why would you do this? “We’ve heard from people they’d like more ways to show their reaction in conversations on Facebook,” Facebook said in a statement. 

The only thing emoji reactions are good for are so you can “react” to a death in the family of a friend without looking like an uninterested asshole or a giddy psychopath. But now, for every comment, everyone has that same selection of rudimentary expressions to pick from. So sit back and watch your timeline get infected with smiling, crying, frowning dots, crowding around you, in a circle, closer, making faces, closer, oh god.

Clearly, this is part of a tech behemoth emoji conspiracy. Nobody needs this much information. Oh, wait.


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If you want to have panic attacks about comment sections, look no further than Gizmodo.