Facebook Is Putting Annoying Ads in Search Now

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ADS ADS EVERYWHERE JUST ADS ALL THE TIME LOOK AT ALL THESE ADS YOU MORONS should be Facebook's new slogan because pretty soon there won't be anywhere on the social network where someone isn't trying to sell you something. And starting today it's getting even worse with the launch of sponsored results in search.


So if for some reason you're searching for Nike's Facebook page, you might also see the pages for Gatorade and 24 Hour Fitness in the results as well because Facebook thinks it knows you. Facebook has tested it with brands like Zynga and Match.com, and today it's opening up to other companies. It's obviously meant to help these brands find new eyes, but also it's super annoying. It's getting harder and harder to simply Facebook creep on that guy from college who got totally fat without some kind of interruption. [TechCrunch]


Did not agree just bc i clicked

A lot of people are starting to drop Facebook and just use Google Plus and Twitter, neither of which are nearly as annoying as FB and it's stupid privacy issues, people you don't know wanting to be friends and a bunch of bullshit ads all over the place. If I owned FB stock I'd drop it quickly before it is worthless.