Facebook Is Testing Self-Destructing Posts

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Spotted by The Next Web, Facebook is testing a new feature that would allow people to schedule a time for their posts to be scrubbed from their timeline. This "Choose Expiration" feature lets you choose a life expectancy from 1 hour up to 7 days, based on user screenshots.


Facebook has said they were testing the iOS feature as a "small pilot," meaning your iPhone may or may not have not be a lucky guinea pig.

Experimentation with new features is commonplace at most, if not all, social media websites. Although this feature would bring in ephemerality to Facebook, the company already has its Snapchat competitor with Slingshot, so it makes sense they might want to toy with it in the main feed as well. Not to mention that self-destructing posts let people comment on newsier things without cluttering up your timeline long after the fact.

We'll see if Facebook goes ahead with its experimental plans, but in the meantime, could you see post expiration dates being useful? [The Next Web]



It would be cool and all, but...this is Facebook. Do we really think setting an expiration date would actually get rid of the posts? No. They're just hiding out on Facebook's servers somewhere, I'm sure.