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Facebook Vs. MySpace is Apple Vs. Sony?

After word that Apple and Facebook may be teaming up for advanced services and distribution, now we hear that MySpace is partnering with Sony BMG. The agreement will include Sony sharing their IP like music videos, audio and other miscellaneous content with MySpace users through artists' MySpace pages. In return, MySpace will share advertising revenue with Sony.


Considering that content is still limited to an artist's page, this content sharing isn't completely open ended, even within the smallish confines of the MySpace network. Nonetheless, it's a progressive move by Sony, a company that is usually tighter with their media than a [fill in perverted orifice of choice belonging to religious position of preference]. How deals like this will tie in with rumors of Sony's upcoming distribution plan, however, are unknown. [japantoday]


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So, Sony is a messy bloated crapsite?