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Facebook Wants to Show You a Supercut of Your Friendships

Illustration for article titled Facebook Wants to Show You a Supercut of Your Friendships

To celebrate its 12th birthday, Facebook wants to remind you of all the friends you’ve forgotten about, through the medium of an automatically created supercut.


The clips—which you can actually edit if they don’t meet your approval—will show up at the top of your feed. You can go right ahead and watch it from there. Incidentally, you’ll have to cope with being wished “Happy Friends Day,” which is how Zuckerberg likes to refer to the social network’s birthday.

Facebook correctly notes that no celebration is complete without a good old stat, and in this case it points out that since 2011 it’s doubled its user base but actually decreased the average degree of separation between two users from 3.74 degrees to 3.57. That’s either very impressive or suggests that over time we’ve become worn down and will become friends with any old person on Facebook.



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Facebook showed me 3 friends and relatives that died, 2 exes and a picture of whiskey.