Facebook Was Four of the Top Ten Most Popular Searches in 2011. Again.

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It's year-in-review time! I love this time of year because all of these lists invariably wind up making me feel like I've wasted another 12 months of this all-too-short existence (and who doesn't love that?) or reinforce the notion that everyone in the world is an idiot. This year's list of most searched-for terms does the latter.

Here's the full list, by way of Experian Hitwise:

1. Facebook
2. YouTube
3. Facebook Login
4. Craigslist
5. Facebook.com
6. Yahoo
7. eBay
8. www.facebook.com
9. Mapquest
10. Yahoo.com


Two things here: First, yeah, Facebook's on there four times. Same as last year. That's idiotic; we're you're all idiots. Stop that.

Second, it tickles me that Yahoo's also on the list twice. Yeah yeah, I know; Yahoo's still a major portal for legacy users. But it's a special kind of ironic that all those folks who are still tied to their old Yahoo accounts are presumably using non-Yahoo search engines to find Yahoo. Or are they... searching for Yahoo on Yahoo? Either way, why are you searching for Yahoo? Stop that, too.


So yeah. Year-end list. Dumb and sad. Fitting! Happy Holidays. [Hitwise via Mashable]