Fair Dinkum, Google's Forced Aussie Booze-Comparison Site Groggle to Change its Name

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Streuth! Orrstrayans just can't catch a break. All they wanted was some cheap tinnies and maybe a bottle of Bundy rum, but Google had to stick its double-pluggers in and insist booze-comparison site Groggle change its name.

Set up by Australian Cameron Collie, Groggle is due to launch early next year—but has now been renamed to "Drinkle," after Google felt Collie was being a flamin' galah and nicking their name. The site not only tells you of the cheapest grog prices, but where they are in proximity to you—presumably Collie is going to partner the launch of the site with an app, such a "bonzer" idea it is. [Drinkle via BBC]