Fairlight $28,000 Xynergi Keyboard Makes Optimus Look Cheap

Illustration for article titled Fairlight $28,000 Xynergi Keyboard Makes Optimus Look Cheap

These $28,000 keyboards from Fairlight aren't made for you, they're designed for media professionals who need different keys for different tasks. It's the world's first "Self Labeling Illuminated Computer Keyswitch Technology," beating the full-sized Optimus keyboard to market by a good few months. Of course, that price tag is prohibitive to all but the wealthiest of Giz readers (unless you work at a job where this is necessary), so watch the video after the jump and dream about the day when you can have a keyboard that changes its keys for a reasonable price.


[Fairlight via Crave]

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Scantron Crothers

Personally I'm holding out for the Razor 1911 keyboard.