Fake Beer Belly Gets You Tanked

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I can't tell if this is too stupid for words or stupendously ingenious. Guess you'll have to make your own call. It's called the Beerbelly and it's actually a fake gut that you can fill up with beer (or your favorite alcoholic beverage) and hide under your clothes. Made up of a sling and a polyurethane "bladder" with a dispensing tube, the thing was created to let you slip booze into places where such substances may not be allowed. Like your kids dance recital, maybe? Or school? Oh, it looks like they were thinking more along the lines of the movies or a sporting event to avoid the $10 beer. And that's not all, folks—you can also fill it with hot beverages as well, and of course, silly things like water. The Beerbelly Deluxe Kit is $49.95 and that includes the Beerbelly Sling and Bladder, The Pleasure Extender, One Step Beerbelly Cleanser and three specially-made brushes. Run, don't walk!

The Beerbelly [Beerbelly]

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