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Three gems from Fake Steve Jobs this week. First the comic above.

Then, this message:

We're havng a diner 2 celebrate at John Bentley's in Wooodside tonght. and Ill be honorst, were getting a little buzzed om super expnsive wine. But itsgood blow ff steam once on a while. ths is relly a special time 4 a[ple. Jon Ive just told us that if you put 100 million iPoods end 2 end, they wd encricle the globebe 13 xtimes. Amazing. Speaking of amazing, i type ths whlala whow whole massage on my iphone usissins using its touchchcscreen keypayd and adaptiona adaptiv typeing and it worksss greeeat.


Don't even get me started on this post about what happens to the poor baby seals when you buy Dell.

Let's pray he's wrong...about the iPhone keyboard.

From dear reader Toki-chan [FSJ via Leander and Pete at Cult of Mac]