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Fan-Made Hand-Drawn Wii Ad

It may have taken Nintendo fanboy Mathysvande all of 80 hours to create this Nintendo Wii ad, but it was totally worth it. We'd love to see Nintendo contact him and use this for an actual ad. Sure beats the pants off that PS3 spot we saw.


Incredible Hand-Drawn Wii Commercial [TechEBlog]

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VajazzleMcDildertits - read carefully, respond politely

Watching this ad (applause for anyone who can still do hand drawn animation - what a pain) I was thinking how much fun it would be if Don Hertzfeldt did a Wii ad, or a PS3 or XBOX360 ad, or hell, any new ad at all. I loved freaking Rejected.

PS3: "I'm a consumer whore!"

"And how!" :P