FBI Agent Playset—For Teaching Kids That the Most Important Part of Law Enforcement Involves Beatings and Restraints

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It's funny, when I was a kid there was a huge move away from realistic toy guns—and playing "guns" in general. Now apparently the pendulum has swung back: you can buy your kid a 15-plus-inch toy baton and handcuffs for playing "FBI."

Granted, in addition to the baton and cuffs, the playset also includes a FBI cap and ID card so the "persons of interest" (I'm assuming they're the "robbers" to the FBI's "cops") will know who's wailing on them with an extendable plastic stick, a cloth tac/flak vest—presumably for when your lil' fed is ambushed by other kids with "guns." Up next, My First Secret Extradition Kit. [BoingBoing]