FCC Fines Verizon a Record-Breaking $25 Million for Screwing Customers

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Remember when Verizon recently said "sorry" to 15 million of its cellphone customers for overcharging them to the tune of $52.8 million? So does the FCC, which just levied a massive $25 million fine against them for the error. Updated.

According to the FCC, the fine is the largest in the agency's history.

Note: The previously reported $90 million amount Verizon purportedly overcharged data using customers has since been readjusted to the $52.8 million number seen above.


Update: As many commenters have pointed out, Verizon will be refunding those customers who were overcharged. The FCC fine is in addition to the refund. For more you can read our original post on this issue here. [Reuters]