FCC May Reclaim Some Digital TV Airwaves to Boost Wireless Broadband Bandwidth

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You've heard lots about the FCC and net neutrality, but they're also working on another important problem: mobile broadband is growing faster than wireless providers have expansion room to cater for. What the FCC calls the "looming spectrum gap".

We've mentioned the FCC's plan to speed up new cell tower rollouts to get more 4G goodness in the air, and now they may shift a portion of the spectrum set aside for digital TV to wireless companies to help create more bandwidth.


Of course, broadcasters don't like the idea, and if you're happy with free over-the-air digital TV, you may not either. But it's clear that something needs to be done.

This latest idea is being considered as part of the larger U.S. national broadband plan, which is set to be made public in February. It's not yet known if the TV spectrum proposal will make into the final plan. [Wall Street Journal]