Oh, nothing to see here. Just a guy playing wrestle with a grizzly bear and letting it fake swallow his head. Wait, what? Mmhmm. Bear trainer Doug Seus plays around with an 8 foot tall behemoth of a beast the same way you would mess around with your dog. It's stunning to see.


I mean, I wouldn't even play around like this with another human for fear of getting hurt and Seus is doing it to a ginormous grizzly bear. Doug and his wife Lynne use their ranch in the Heber Valley, Utah and it looks like Seus has an absolutely fantastic relationship with the animals. He trains them so that they can appear in movies and TV shows and to shock humans into thinking about how they feel about animals bigger than them. (the bear in the video popped up in Game of Thrones recently).

Just look at this bear pinning Doug down and then giving him a hug! What is going on here.


Doug has been doing this bear thing for the past 40 years with four different bears. Be sure to watch the short video below by Barcroft TV.

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