Feds Are Going After Swizz Beatz to Take Down Megaupload

The feds are looking for an angle that lets them prosecute Megaupload on U.S. soil. And apparently the way they're trying to make it happen is by pulling rapper and producer Swizz Beatz (a.k.a. Mr. Alicia Keys) into the case, by claiming he was CEO of the company.

But wait—wasn't this cleared up in January? Although Swizza had his face plastered all over the site, was listed as CEO on the day it was taken down, and was previously very vocal about his support, his lawyer claimed he was not actualy running things. So was he or wasn't he? According to U.S. Attorney Neil MacBride, Swizz Beatz repped Megaupload in an official capacity in front of the United States Trade Representative, meaning the company can be tried in the states. Beatz is refusing to cooperate, but he might not have a choice if he's served. And if the allegations are true, it's puts a serious dent in the defense, which argues that Megaupload can't be prosecuted here because it's located outside of American jurisdiction. [TorrentFreak]


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